About us

Beacon Resume is a group of professionals with over 30 years of experience in writing, academia, graphic arts and publishing. Based in the Boston area, we work locally and nationally and guarantee all of our work.

Let us, the professionals, help you in your mission to get a job. We specialize in resume writing, resume editing and cover letters. Our professionals can help your resume get noticed. Many companies use software to filter resumes based on key words and phrases used in the thousands (sometimes millions) of resumes and cover letters they receive. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs) will edit your resume so that it contains the key words and phrases applicable to the position(s) you're applying for.

We are located in the heart of Boston and members of our team are ready to assist you in your preparation to find a job. Please email us at with your contact information and tell us what your specific resume needs are and we will reply within 24 hours.


You may also call our office at 617 - 423 - 1515.


We are an affliate of KP Media Group